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Tranquil Vermont

        Gaal Shepherd's pastel interpretations of Vermont's peaceful and verdant landscape are beautiful, luminous, and by her own admission and intent, just a bit mysterious. 

        This new book contains twenty-six handsome full-color reproductions of Gaal's artwork, revealing Vermont in every season of the year.  Woven among the reproductions is the artist's essay detailing why she finds the hills, fields, forests, and people of her adopted state so compelling, and why she wants to share her appreciation of them.


What others are saying:

"One of the Twelve Best Books of 2000." - Vermont Book Professionals Association

"This small, intensely beautiful book presents the pastels of Gaal Shepherd... her representational landscapes are haunting and eerily calm, executed with a firm and muscular technique that brings out eloquently the rough dignity of the Vermont hills."  - Tom Slayton, Vermont Life magazine, Autumn 2001

"Shepherd's pastels, built up with layer after layer of color, conjure the landscape without getting bogged down in detail.  Often she works against the softness of her pastel sticks, leaving rough glimmers of the paper showing beneath the thick colored layers like pinpoints of light.  She's at her best in the pieces where water is a predominant element, because she sees that it's more white than blue, catching the light on its surface to reflect not its depths but the clouds or the sparkle of the light itself." - Sarah Seidman, The Times Argus (Montpelier, VT)


Ordering Information:

Tranquil Vermont (48 pages, ISBN 0-9705511-0-X; $35) is available to bookstores exclusively through:

Chelsea Green Publishing, 1-800-639-4099, www.chelseagreen.com/DP/Tranquil.htm


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