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Granite & Cedar 

The People and the Land of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Author: John M. Miller, with short fiction by Howard Frank Mosher

       Granite & Cedar uses arresting black-and-white photography backed up by moving fiction to examine a major cultural phenomenon of our time -- the striking change wrought on Vermont's most rural area, the "Northeast Kingdom," by outside social and economic forces of the late twentieth century. 

        This new book, which contains 65 duotone photographs, represents a long-awaited fusion of the talents of two well-known Vermont artists, photographer John M. Miller and writer Howard Frank Mosher, both of whom have drawn inspiration from the "Kingdom" for more than thirty years. 


What others are saying:

"Granite & Cedar is a work of rare beauty, a superb evocation of the people and landscape of northeastern Vermont.  Miller and Mosher take us inside a world where we linger for the pleasure of their artistry and for the company of those we're privileged to meet."  - Alex Harris, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University

"Text and pictures powerfully convey the patina of weather-beaten decay that suffuse this realm's rocky endurance. Mosher's saga of stoic reburial and regeneration perfectly complements Miller's images of hardscrabble ruination, homestead and country-store silences, long-creased men and machines furrowed into timeless memory." - David Lowenthal, author, The Past Is a Foreign Country 


Ordering Information:

Granite & Cedar (108 pages, ISBN 0-9705511-1-8; $35) is available to bookstores exclusively through:

    University Press of New England, 800-421-1561, www.upne.com

Copies may also be purchased individually through the Vermont Folklife Center, 8 Court Street, Middlebury, Vermont, 05753, 802-388-4964, www.vermontfolklifecenter.org.